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The problem
Τuition fees cards are the most common way through which educational organizations, and generally all services with monthly charges, monitor their customers' payments. However, these cards have some significant problems:
  • They get lost, worn out, forgotten, ultimately resulting in not being used.
  • They do not provide you with any information about the current payment status, which of your customers owe you, who has paid, and which payments you expect for the current month.
The solution
The solution to the above is provided by the digital student cards Papycards. These cards 'live' in the digital wallet of your customers' mobile phones, alongside their digital id card and driver's license, their digital credit cards, and their digital tickets.
Their card doesn't get lost, doesn't wear out, and they always have it with them! And of course, both parents and also the student can have it simultaneously in their wallets.
However, the most important thing is that you constantly have a complete picture of who owes you and who doesn't, through the detailed reports provided by the integrated management system of Papycards.
Additionally, you can have a summary of your daily, weekly, and monthly receipts, and also you can automatically send emails to your customers based on the criteria you choose (such as department, payment status, etc.).
How it works
A fundamental characteristic of the Papycards system is the simplicity in its operation.
  • No installation of any application is required by your customers; it relies on the use of the Wallet (pre-installed on all iPhone devices and on most Android devices). In the case of an Android mobile without a pre-installed wallet, your customer simply needs to install the Google Wallet app, which will be useful for storing their digital documents.
  • You can easily and quickly define the format of the student card (setting logos, colors, and enrollment periods)
  • To 'issue' a card, you fill in the student's details (full name, class, and email) and ask your customer to simply scan with their mobile camera a generated QR code. In this way, your card is saved in your customer's mobile wallet.
  • Alternatively, you can send the card you created via email. In this case, an email will be sent to your customer, which will contain a link that, when clicked, will install the card on their mobile device.
  • Every time your customers make a payment, you scan their digital card using the special (free) 'Loycards Puncher' application, and through the app, you confirm their payment, a fact that is immediately reflected on their card.
  • Alternatively, you can locate your customer by their name either on the loycards puncher app or on the web-based management system, and mark the period as paid.
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