Step by Step
Go to and create your personal account. Then, create your organization by entering the necessary information about your business.
Create your card functionally and aesthetically by defining the payment periods, logos, and colors you want to use.
Download the Loycards Puncher app and log in using your account details as provided in step 1.
To create a new card, go to and select 'New Card', or from the Loycards Puncher app, tap the burger menu in the top right corner, select 'Cards', and then 'Add Card'. Fill in the student's full name, class and e-mail. You can send the card to your customers either by sending it via email to the address they provided, or by asking them to scan a QR code with their mobile camera, or by both methods. To send it by email just check the 'Send by email' check box. In that case, when you press the 'Save' button an email will be sent with a link to the card, and instructions for installing it to theit mobile wallet. In any case, a QR code will be also generated and shown. Ask your customers to scan the QR code using their mobile camera and follow the provided link. From there, they can download and install their card to their mobile wallet.
When your customer wants to make a payment for a certain period, ask them to show you the card they have stored in their wallet and scan the QR code of the card using the Loycards Puncher app. All payments made will appear in the app, and you can choose 'Accept Payment' to confirm the payment for the current period. Your customer's card is automatically updated with the new paid period marked.
Whenever you want, you can view the list of cards you have issued (essentially the list of your students) on or in the Loycards Puncher app, and filter it based on whether there are outstanding balances or not.